I'm a Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics at Texas A&M International University. My research interest is broadly in development economics, public finance, and applied econometrics.

My job market paper investigates the causes of corruption in developing countries. I find that firms' characteristics, such as their ability to pay (measured by their financial performance) and their dependence on government services, can explain the variation in both incidence and magnitude of bribery. In my recent project, I am working on the impacts of international aid programs on growth, investment, and good governance.


Research Statement (Link)

Working Paper & Work in Progress

"On the determinants of corruption, evidence from firm level data" (JMP)

"The Effect of Corruption on Firm Investment in the Presence of Missing data" (Link)

Heterogeneous Preferences and Frisch Elasticity in Labor Supply Curves: Evidence from the
Panel Study of Income Dynamic, with Faraz Farhidi and John Gibson

"Foreign aid, good governance and economic growth: Evidence from Millenium Challange
Corporation." With Constant Yayi

Other Publications

Abdoli, G., Gudarzi Farahani, Y., Dastan, S. (2015), "Electricity consumption and economic growth in OPEC

countries: A cointegrated panel analysis", OPEC Energy Review.  (Link)

Gudarzi Farahani, Y., Dastan, S. (2013), "Analysis of Islamic bank’s financing and economic growth: A panel

cointegration approach", International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management.  (Link)



Teaching Statement (Link)


Georgia State University 

Microeconomics - Fall 2016                                                             SyllabusStudents Evaluation            

Econometrics and Applications - Fall 2017                                    Syllabus / Students Evaluation

Senior Capstone in Economics (Public finance) - Fall 2018          Syllabus / Students Evaluation

Senior Capstone in Economics (Public finance) - Spring 2019     Syllabus / Students Evaluation

Econometrics and Applications - Spring 2019                               Syllabus / Students Evaluation

Principles of Microeconomics - Fall 2019                                       Syllabus / Students Evaluation

Texas A&M International University 

Principles of Microeconomics - Fall 2019                                        Syllabus       

Principles of Macroeconomics - Fall 2019                                       Syllabus

Teaching Assistant (selected)

Georgia State University 

Advanced Public Economics I, (Ph.D.), Georgia State University                               2016 – 2018

Econometric Theory II (Ph.D.), Georgia State University                                             2014 – 2015

Applied Econometrics and Statistics (M.A.), Georgia State University                      Spring 2015


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